Your face is the first thing anyone sees. So its important to make sure it looks good. The topic here is about face optimization, also known as face slimming. Its not about the shape of the face, but how puffy, or streamlined it looks. So how can we make the face more slimmer? With makeup contouring.

Curl Eyelashes

If you don’t have naturally long, perfect eyelashes,curl them before applying mascara will really open up your eyes. You can actually curl lashes AFTER mascara is applied, as long as your mascara is dried (a good tip to know if you want to curl your lashes later in the day without removing your mascara). I usually blast the eyelash curler for 3 seconds with a hair dryer for extra staying power. Just test the metal to ensure it’s not too hot before you clamp down on your upper lash.

Black Smokey Eyes

A matte black base, blacktrack fluidline, a matte black powder eyeshadow, carbon eyeshadow, a matte highlight that s similar to your skintone, performance eyeshadow, another matte highlight that s similar to your skintone but darker than the one before, malt eyeshadow, a black eye kohl graphblack, technakohl, blacktrack, fluidline, and optionally a shimmery silver or black eyeshadow.