How to Get Gorgeous Skin

Don’t go to bed with makeup on. Makeup left on overnight seeps into your pores clogs them and congests your skin. Make sure that you wash your face twice at the end of the day, once to get the makeup off, a second time to wash the skin itself.
Exfoliate Daily:

After washing your face at night be sure to exfoliate, use a delicate scrub. If you don t have one on hand a tablespoon of sugar or oatmeal will work just fine. Use facial masks regularly if possible, everyday is ideal. Again if you don t have one on hand make your own mashed banana or avocado is good. Plain yogurt also works well and keep a treatment and moisturizer on your face day or night put your skin first after you wash it at night put on some kind of skin treatment whether it s alpha hydroxy acids vitamin a or c or any kind of special cocktail treatment let that sink in then put a moisturizer over that in the morning do the same don t use the cheapest or most expensive cosmetics hydrate your face throughout the day whether it s a commercial product or one you make yourself fill a spray bottle with distilled water add a few drops of chamomile or rose essential oil shake it gently before each use and spray it on hydrate your face even over makeup frequently throughout the day treat your face gently never pull tug or scrub your facial skin be very gentle when you clean it moisturize it or makeup on it this will lessen the chance that you ll damage your skin and get wrinkles keep your face covered when you re in the sun as beautiful as she is my mom never lets anyone see her face when she s in the sun she ll slather on a high factor sunscreen put on sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat eat fresh foods and drink lots of water always eat lots of veggies fruits nuts and drinks tons of water let go of stress stress can show up on your face no matter how well you take care of your skin do something your enjoy everyday whether it s watching tv or going shopping your face reflects what s going on inside of your mind so now keep this n your mind guys please see my articles in & www.moulinrougesalonandspa. com

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