Removing Blackheads for Better Skin

Other Natural Ways To Remove Blackheads
Once you have a breakout of blackheads, there are natural remedies you can use to fight the infection in the area, clean out the pore, and get rid of the blackheads.
Distilled vinegar is a very potent anti-bacterial that fights infection in your pores. Once the infection is gone the swelling will reduce. This makes it easier to remove the material clogging the poor and get rid of the blackheads.
It also tones your skin, keeping pores tight so that additional bacteria will not get in them and cause more blackheads. Distilled vinegar is very potent, so you should dilute it with water before you use it.
Cucumber juice, when used as a topical application, is known to cut through the material clogging the pore and remove it along with the blackhead. It is also works similarly to reduce acne related cysts and papules.
When it is combined with alfalfa, carrot, or lettuce juice it increases in effectiveness. It is also believed that this juice cocktail can help reduce acne scars as well.
The citric acid in juice made from citrus, such as lemon or orange, is known to be a natural way to exfoliate. It removes dead skin cells that can accumulate in your pores and clog them.
This natural method of removing blackheads also acts as bleach, lightening any scarring left from your blackheads and other acne. To use the juice, it should be applied as a topical treatment.
Applying it with a cotton ball will make sure you do not rub it in too hard. You should leave the juice on for at least 10 minutes and then wash it away with cool water.

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