Every girl dreams of her wedding day. It is a onetime event in a girl’s life and it is something every girl

fantasizes many a times. On this special day, everything needs to be perfect, best and upto the mark.

But achieving this perfection can be sometimes stressful and fearful regarding any wronging that may

happen on the d day. Yes, we understand that being a bride requires a lot of hard work. The results must

also stand up to the scrutiny for years afterwards, in photos and on videos. So, the extra effort is always


Keeping in mind the stress you are in, we offer bridal makeover at the venue, home or our salon,

whatever may be your choice. The makeover will include pre-makeup cleansing, moisturizing, and

toning. Make-up will include foundation, bronzer, powder, blush, lips and eyes. We will make sure that

the make-up is appropriate according to the lights at your venue. We go by the mantra “Keep it simple,

keep it gorgeous!” to help you achieve the perfect look for you on the d day. Make reservations now to

get the perfect look you have always imagined.