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Fashion and Commercial Makeup
We are well equipped and trained to work with the top agencies and production companies. Here, you

can get the best quality and professionalism in the industry. For large-scale productions, local shoots or

corporate events in need of a makeup artist, we create professional and beautiful results for on-screen

talent. We love high-pressure and deadline-driven production.

Nothing instills confidence in a model better than a skilled makeup artist and an intimate understanding

of what the camera sees. We understand the glamour, and the business, of print and fashion

photography. We provide services like creative makeup with impeccable corrective and feature

enhancing technique. Booking, scheduling and makeup done professionally and with a smile!

Eye Desing
Your face is the first thing anyone sees. So its important to make sure it looks good. The topic here is about face optimization, also known as face slimming. Its not about the shape of the face, but how puffy, or streamlined it looks. So how can we make the face more slimmer? With makeup contouring.
Beauty Tips
The Importance of Yoga, and the Balance of Harmony