Ways to reduce dry scalp in winter

Oil your scalp
Certain oils have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help in keeping the scalp free from infection. Also, oil has the property to seal moisture from within. Says Seema Singh, a beautician, “Dip cotton in warm coconut oil/ extra virgin olive oil/castor oil and sponge it on your scalp during the night. Rinse hair in the morning with a mild shampoo and a deep conditioner. Repeat thrice a week for healthier scalp.”
Use homemade packs
It’s important to scrub your hair off dirt and dead skin at least once every week. Paromita Banerji, a trichologist, says, “Scrub made of sugar and olive oil can be used on scalp. After you use the scrub, be sure to wash it off completely because the residue is as harmful as the dead skin itself.” Some of the packs that can be applied on scalp include those made of tofu and lemon, egg white and yogurt, and avocado, lemon and honey. “Hair packs take care of dead skin cells and add shine to the hair,” she adds.
Exfoliate using essential oils
Certain essential oils like tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary and peppermint, help in balancing the oil production and dryness of the scalp. You can also use a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil to exfoliate scalp.

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